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Simon is probably the UK’s favourite Housebuilding Headhunter.



When it comes to Housebuilding recruitment,  Simon Wilkins is probably the U.K.’s favourite house building headhunter. Simon created Face Fit in 2003 following a long and successful career at director level in housebuilding. One of Simon’s core values is confidentiality. This should be automatic in such a closely linked industry, but many recruiters just fail to understand this basic requirement. With a detailed knowledge and understanding of the housebuilding sector in every discipline, Simon is well placed to advise clients and candidates in every aspect of their career aspirations.

Be very careful – who has your CV?

FacefitFishing With so many jobs boards, headhunters and recruiters, it’s difficult to know where your CV has ended up. When you register with a major jobs board, your CV is placed in a database and subscribers to that database will have access to your CV. Typically, recruitment companies will pay for access to view and download CV’s and profiles of those candidates which they feel are appropriate for their needs.

How to prepare for a meeting with a Headhunter

Hotel Head-hunting is a mystery to some people. Most headhunters will be briefed by the client company to search and select the most appropriate candidate for their needs. When a headhunter approaches you, either via telephone, email or otherwise – do some homework before you respond. Make sure that you know something about the person you are about to divulge your entire work and home-life history to. Headhunters, if they are any good, should offer you a convenient out of hours conversation or meeting.

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