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Speak properly, or else

A couple of years ago I was listening to a podcast in which someone introduced themselves as a Phone Phobia Counsellor.

I listened with interest as the majority of recruitment is oral, certainly after gaining attention via messaging, often in writing.

Recently I have been listening to the radio more often, as a consequence of travelling for hours on motorways to meet candidates and clients.

I am genuinely disappointed with not only some presenters of radio shows, but also their phone-in guests. When adults can’t pronounce their T’s it becomes very irritating and unnecessary. I am forced to switch off.

One of the last irritations was a discussion on LBC radio when a political advisor couldn’t manage say ‘strategy’ or ‘party’ correctly.

Stra-a-gee and par -ee.

Who is influencing these degenerates?

Why is so difficult for people to speak without using phrases such as;

You know? Like, So, D’ya know what? Er, Can I get

Known as Discourse markers, these annoying pauses during a conversation are habitual and need to be erased from the dialogue. I believe that we are falling into a trap. Only this week, one of my clients called me and said that he had ‘reached out’ to someone. What? Reached out? Do you mean that you made contact? I explained that this American term shouldn’t creep into our conversation and if it continued, I would change my accent and speak like an American with a whole bunch of stuff included!

It seems that we are being bombarded from all angles with illiterate dunces who can’t speak or string a sentence together, with the added Americanism thrown in.

Hiring. Since when did we hire people? Maybe hiring a taxi or hiring a wedding suit, but when did hiring replace the word appointing or appointed or appoint or recruiting? We’re hiring! She’s been hired.

Next, we shall be filling up with Gas, no doubt.

This subject has been well covered in the press and on the radio a few years ago, so there’s nothing new here. What is new is that I am becoming irritated by it.

Should you find yourself sitting opposite me in a meeting, I shall abruptly suspend the meeting if I hear too many annoyances, whether you are a client or a candidate. It won’t be a friend because I don’t have any.

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