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Linkedin has gone mad

Sneeze without a tissue and they’ll restrict your account

There’s nothing quite like a wet Tuesday to focus attention on Linkedin when they’ve locked you out of your account.

It happened a couple of weeks ago, they switched me off overnight and I was back up and running the next morning.

Today is different. No further updates from the automated restricted account message.

Locked out around 11pm on Monday evening and here I am at 4.15pm on Tuesday, without any access to the account.
It’s not any old account, well, it is old, because I was one of the early supporters of Linkedin, back in 2009.

The 11,000+ connections and the millions of viewers who read my work are now able to take a rest from reading my material.

My 11500 followers will have more time on their hands too.

I’ll still be busy, because as a Headhunter, I use google to search the back -end of Linkedin, giving me free access to everyone on the site without a subscription. I can make contact in other ways, as required.

The only reason for having a Linkedin account, a paid-for account, is to have a shop window. It’s not a big deal if I stop my subscription, I have enough contacts, probably 18,000, that I’ve collected and made relationships with, over the last 20 years.

Instead of spending money on Linkedin Job Ads and a monthly subscription, I’ll just use my network and the contacts I have, together with the power of google search, to find people.

All of my clients keep coming back, so I’m very fortunate.

My website makes it really easy to make contact if you wish to be added to my radar!

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