Disingenuous Assholes.

aka some Recruiters.

A potential client called me in a panic!

Simon, I’m worried that word has got out about the role we discussed, have you spoken to anyone about it?

No. Did you speak to anyone else?


I don’t start work until I’ve been paid and have clear instructions and every detail about the role, the team, the company, the forecasts, the problem to be solved etc.

Furthermore and more importantly, is that until I have someone in my sights who I think might fit your role, I would only disclose the company at the point of shortlisting. Until then, the search remains completely confidential and during disclosure, any potential candidate would need to sign a non-disclosure agreement and hold meetings away from the clients’ office.

When you deal with amateur recruiters, things will often get messy.

Some recruiters will meet themselves coming backwards. They are so focussed on ramming CV’s and people in front of a client, they miss the bigger picture.

Confidentiality is everything.

I have spent 18 years handling some of the most sensitive roles. That’s why my technology is discreet. I don’t use internal email systems for CV’s, I don’t disclose companies until I have a shortlist and people respect my position and honour agreements.

If you think appointing a professional is expensive, wait until you appoint an amateur.

Every step of the way, people are important. It’s an area that recruiters lose focus and are driven by greed. It can be distressing for those involved.

A few years ago I had a situation in which a candidate was offered a job with my client. They agreed terms and the candidate resigned from their employer.

Within a day or two of this happening, the same candidate was approached by another recruiter (you can guess who) and they tried their hardest to divert this candidate to another role being managed by them.

Multiple calls and text messages. A common trait for someone who’s main goal is greed.

Recruiters aren’t ethical.

They can’t be ethical if they work for every company.

That’s why I don’t work for many companies. I consider non-clients as target companies – a poaching ground.

Sadly, all recruiters that I’ve heard about will take one person out of your business whilst back filling the job or finding staff for another department.

I didn’t like it when I observed this as a Housebuilding Director and so my ethical approach is another reason to work with me. If I’m calling you about a job, I don’t recruit for your company. I have no wish to back-fill your role as I don’t work with your company. It’s simple and it’s ethical.

Retained search is a partnership. That’s my model. Nothing else.

A quote from a new client; “for the first time, it’s been a pleasure recruiting”.

When you register on my website, you will notice something unusal.

There aren’t any jobs listed.

I don’t need CV’s to introduce people to my clients. I’m a trusted partner.

All of my roles are exclusive because they are retained. When I’m involved, it’s a serious business. I don’t go fishing with your CV. I don’t have your CV!

CV’s are required just before you meet my clients. Not until I’ve arranged for them to meet you.

Think about that for a moment.

It’s delicate but potent.

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