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I am fascinated by people. I watch them – I’m a people watcher. Many years ago I started my career selling houses in Putney, right on Putney Bridge and Fulham Palace Road/Kings Road. One day I made a mistake and learned a valuable lesson. Someone entered our Estate Agents office, he was about 55/60 years old, (not sure), didn’t look too smart – shabby clothes. I gave him the once-over and directed him to my colleague after quickly assessing that he’s a time waster.

Find a Job on the web, if you’re lucky..

Using Social Media to Find a Job: The Hurdles and Frustrations People Face It is widely accepted that this is the social media age. Increasingly there is very little you cannot achieve using social media.  Not only can you network, as was the original purpose, but you can buy food, clothing, cars and property, book holidays, theatre tickets and flights and of course find a job.  However, social media can be a two-edged sword when it comes to job hunting so we look at some of the ways it can help and some of the ways it can hinder.

Lego is just the start

Attracting Students into Housebuilding Housebuilding in the UK is big business. Government targets implemented by a considerable shortage of housing means the industry needs to recruit in over 35k new roles each year from now until 2021 if we are to be able to keep up with demand. This figure was determined by the Construction Skills Network in their report published in February 2017.  With such a massive void to fill attracting students into housebuilding is going to be vital, but how do we achieve this?

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