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I am fascinated by people. I watch them – I’m a people watcher. Many years ago I started my career selling houses in Putney, right on Putney Bridge and Fulham Palace Road/Kings Road. One day I made a mistake and learned a valuable lesson. Someone entered our Estate Agents office, he was about 55/60 years old, (not sure), didn’t look too smart – shabby clothes. I gave him the once-over and directed him to my colleague after quickly assessing that he’s a time waster. I smirked at my colleague and gave a certain look, as I presented him and got back on the phone to make important calls to serious potential buyers. When the chap left the office, I said to my colleague, “Good luck with him!” Later the same day my colleague had shown him around 4 rather large homes in Chelsea and Fulham. A couple of days later, I asked how he was getting on with Mr Timewaster? My colleague smiled in a hopeful way and said nothing. The following Monday morning, we sat in our Monday morning meeting to discuss potential offers and viewing results. The phone rang, it was Mr Timewaster. I said, “I’ll just pass you over to my colleague, sir”. A few nods, a smile and some quick writing on a scrap of paper ensued – my colleague was being asked to make an offer on not one but 3 of the 4 four homes they viewed together. He listened intently to Mr.Timewaster, who gave details of his solicitor and bank. My mouth became dry. I felt warm. I think I was in shock. The tale ended with Mr Timewaster exchanging and completing on 3 properties valued at over £2m. The company was due £30k in commission and I lost £1500 (personally) by not taking this enquiry seriously. Given that my Annual Basic Salary was £3500, it gives some perspective. Now we enter the age of The OneCupologist. A term chosen to describe someone who sits in a cafe using their laptop, drinking One Cup of something, whilst being plugged into headphones usually. There is a common perception from my research which is less than favourable towards these OneCupologists. What exactly are they doing in a cafe, working on a laptop? Well, let me tell you, the variety of expertise is quite incredible. From budding job-seeker to Group MD, you never quite know what these people do or their status in society. My advice – Never ever judge. Just because they aren’t in a conventional office environment on a Tuesday at 10.30am, doesn’t mean they are less worthy than anyone else. People remember how you made them feel, not by what you did or didn’t say.

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