Be very careful – who has your CV?

FacefitFishing With so many jobs boards, headhunters and recruiters, it’s difficult to know where your CV has ended up. When you register with a major jobs board, your CV is placed in a database and subscribers to that database will have access to your CV. Typically, recruitment companies will pay for access to view and download CV’s and profiles of those candidates which they feel are appropriate for their needs. Once you are in the database, your CV can be accessed by any subscribing recruiter, in accordance with the jobs boards privacy policy. When you speak and send your CV to a recruiter, your CV is often used to “go fishing” with not only their clients, but also companies that the recruiter knows to be hiring. So even if the recruiter is not instructed, it won’t stop some of them sending CV’s speculatively in the hope that the hiring company will engage with the recruiter and ask to see you. This is known as contingency recruiting. There are many dangers dealing with amateur recruitment companies or their staff, because your career and livelihood is in their hands. Further, your CV may arrive with a company where you are known, which can also be very awkward to explain. My advice is always NEVER GIVE YOUR CV TO ANYONE, unless you completely trust the company or recruiter and agree from the outset, that your CV or any CV omitting  your name, is only to be sent to companies with your approval and prior knowledge. In the recruitment business, it’s very easy to send over a CV to a company where an opening closely matches your requirements. The big problem is that your CV might arrive from different recruitment agencies and will complicate the process. Hiring companies, don’t want to have fee battles for introduction. It’s easier for them to ignore the CV and communication. One other factor, which becomes a big hurdle, is that the recruitment company officially instructed to find staff on behalf of the hiring company, might not be able to present you as a candidate, if another recruiter has already sent your CV speculatively. This automatically closes a door for you and you won’t be getting an interview. So, be very careful who has your CV.

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