Simon is probably the UK’s favourite Housebuilding Headhunter.



When it comes to Housebuilding recruitment,  Simon Wilkins is probably the U.K.’s favourite house building headhunter. Simon created Face Fit in 2003 following a long and successful career at director level in housebuilding. One of Simon’s core values is confidentiality. This should be automatic in such a closely linked industry, but many recruiters just fail to understand this basic requirement. With a detailed knowledge and understanding of the housebuilding sector in every discipline, Simon is well placed to advise clients and candidates in every aspect of their career aspirations.

When the economic downturn in 2008 crippled the house building industry, Simon created the U.K.’s first and only house building jobs board, There were very few jobs in the market and those jobs which were available were often given to people already known to the recruiting client. The jobs board served as a mechanism for those unfortunate people who found themselves in a redundant situation to be able to register with a company who understood and could cater  for their needs, not necessarily immediately but as the market began to improve.

Executive search is the main activity of Face-Fit. Candidates are met and properly interviewed before being selected and presented to clients. A shortlist of two to three candidates is most likely in all situations. Simon meets every candidate that is shortlisted for a particular role, often out of business hours to enable candidates to remain completely confidential and to meet somewhere close to the candidates home. Don’t expect a 20 minute coffee, hello and goodbye. You’ll need between 1-3 hours for Simon to assist with your career aspirations and help suggest ideas to improve your present position. Understanding people is what helps accelerate careers, by finding the culture and fit-in factor.

Having the skills to do a job is one thing, but if you irritate the life out of your co-workers, you’re dead in the water. Charles Handy, the author, wrote many books. One is entitled “The Elephant and the Flea”. Charles talks about the Elephant (being the big organisation) and the Flea, the employee. When Fleas become irritating, you know the rest. By having such an in-depth and up to date knowledge of all aspects of housebuilding processes, Simon is able to quickly relate to many employee frustrations with certain companies and offer advice and solutions to help people flourish in surroundings that are more congenial. It’s impossible to help everyone, all of the time. But, a genuine and sincere interest in people helps.

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