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For as long as I can remember, the same topics and issues present themselves as one year finishes and another begins.

Television and radio is largely to blame. 

It’s the time of year I find very difficult to engage with. This is because I’m a non-conformist. I don’t like to conform to the external pressures and suggestions by media.

Advertisements for supermarkets and their Christmas fayre,  brimming with a hundred ways to add a stone in a week, are constantly on our screens before Christmas. These highly charged advertisements create a desire to purchase things you don’t really need or would ever buy at any other time of the year. Consequently, supermarkets are clogged with shoppers and their over-filled trolleys. 

The best part is that we are back in the shops within two days doing the same thing! Just in case the fridge is not quite as full as you’d like, the shops reopen and we can now fill the small spaces available between the silver wrapped Turkey and ham. 

How to end an interview with me in 60 seconds

DrawingRoomOfficeWhen I created my business in 2002, I wanted to differentiate from the majority of recruiters and headhunters who serve the housebuilding sector. This was achieved early on, just by tweaking a few things. Luckily for me, I had first-hand experience of how candidates are treated and managed by various companies. It was this great disappointment that fuelled my ambition.

New Homes Sales Negotiator Jobs

29 Simon and the judgment GavelI am continually asked whether I deal with the less important job roles in Housebuilding. My reply as always, is that every job role is important. Not just in terms of my involvement, but for the Housebuilding sector in general. Being a highly regarded headhunter often brings an air of elevation. The message obviously hasn’t been conveyed as well as I’d hoped, as even long standing clients have been caught out by not realising that I could solve some of the more junior roles within housebuilding. Clients can also benefit from FREE introductions for administrative staff; PA’s, Secretarial and Receptionists etc.

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