I hate CV’s and Jobs Boards

Imagine a room large enough to accommodate the entire candidate database of the average Jobs Board. First of all, what do you know about Jobs Boards? Little, is my guess – unless you work in recruitment. Imagine 12 million people in a room. A little stuffy until you open a window. For those who use Jobs Boards to find a job, you too must be sick and tired of Jobs Boards. For starters, you have to register your information and often upload a CV. You’ll be asked to create a covering letter. In your haste to do so, you are likely to make lots of errors, which automatically exclude you from most applications. You search for a job which you hope will match your skills, if you have any? The listings are endless. The job advertisements are so poorly constructed that you doubt whether to apply or not. The apply button is staring at you. It’s irresistible. Go-on, apply, what harm will it do? Click! Your application, covering letter and CV is now with the recruiter or hiring company. That was easy. You start to get the hang of it and apply for multiple jobs on the same day. I’m guessing that most of your applications won’t even warrant a response. Your CV is now with many recruiters. Now watch the magic happen. The recruiters go fishing with your CV. It’s being sent all over the place by various recruiters to all companies who might be interested in you. It’s probable, that your CV arrives from several companies at the same time. Wow, you must be popular, being circulated by so many people! Companies prefer to appoint people who aren’t being represented by many recruiters, it creates a degree of exclusivity. I wonder which recruiter the hiring company will choose to discuss your CV with? It’s irrelevant really because the recruiter knows nothing about you. You are invited for interview and then the fun begins; Which recruiter should be paid for an introduction? The hiring company is now facing several fee claims. Dangerous. More dangerous for you, because it’s likely that you’ll be too much trouble and you won’t get the offer. I hate CV’s, they are poorly prepared career summaries showing your strengths and glossing over your weaknesses. Next time you search for a job via a jobs board, think about the process and how you can influence the human touch. Consider your experience and aptitude for the role. Speak to the recruiter or hiring company. Find out who’s responsible for managing your application. Don’t rapid-fire applications. Find a specialist headhunter who works in your sector. Check out their background and decide whether they should be trusted with your career. If you’re already in a job, tread very carefully. Recruiters have a bad habit of back-filling your job, once they know you are dissatisfied with your current role. If a recruiter is worth their weight, they won’t need a CV to open a door for you. They should have lasting and trusted relationships with their clients. Welcome to the world of Jobs Boards.

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