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29 Simon and the judgment GavelI am continually asked whether I deal with the less important job roles in Housebuilding. My reply as always, is that every job role is important. Not just in terms of my involvement, but for the Housebuilding sector in general. Being a highly regarded headhunter often brings an air of elevation. The message obviously hasn’t been conveyed as well as I’d hoped, as even long standing clients have been caught out by not realising that I could solve some of the more junior roles within housebuilding. Clients can also benefit from FREE introductions for administrative staff; PA’s, Secretarial and Receptionists etc. Very recently I have been asked to undertake a search for several New Homes Sales Consultants. The project has been very exciting and also extremely time consuming. New Homes Sales Consultants, as with other job roles within housebuilding, vary considerably. Experience is not a measure of competence and identifying the right character-fit has been a huge factor in deciding who should be shortlisted and presented to my client. Without exception, every candidate presented has been offered a position and has joined the company. Better still, the feedback is excellent from the Sales Director and everyone is enjoying their new job. I have built long-standing relationships (I hope) with all candidates in the process. I am available for confidential advice, industry knowledge and to discuss their mid to longer term career aspirations at any stage. Effective and professional New Homes Sales Consultants are in short supply. Some have moved around the housebuilding industry collecting both good and bad habits,  many are left to their own devices with little training or support, others, who aspire to greater management roles, can get frustrated or overlooked by their employers and feel demotivated when a new boss arrives. Whatever the reason for change, New Homes Sales Executives, are the face of the company. Customers, who used to be known in the trade as buyers, must be handled with professionalism, courtesy and consideration to ensure that their experience goes well. There are forums on the web about unhappy new homes buyers which highlight some of the shortfalls in customer service. The New Homes Sales advisor, will be key to managing the frustrations caused by shoddy workmanship, late arrival of homes and sales process failures. Selling is only a small part of the job. I’m sure that the Site Management teams view Sales as a cushy number, tucked away in a warm sales suite or showhome. In contrast to the muck and bullets with building homes, they’re probably right. Many of the most common-sense ideas, originate from Sales and Build teams around the country. Being a New Homes Sales Consultant is an anti-social job for friends and family of the employee. For starters, most weekends are taken up with working. Two days off in the week is no use, if your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it. You will need a resilient personality. People can be a pain in the backside when things aren’t going their way and knowing how to get the best of a situation takes skill and diplomacy. Customer expectations are rising all of the time and with bad press about new homes, customers are wary and potentially defensive before they enter the sales office. Knowing how to put people at ease is one of the most important aspects of selling new homes. Getting people on your side early, building relationships and trust is fundamental. Men are beginning to appear within sales offices, which is encouraging. Historically, the role has largely attracted women of a certain age. I recall the term sitter-knitter being a popular expression in the 80 and 90’s for a middle aged female, doing the least possible to get through the day. Today, there is no hiding place for lazy Sales Consultants. Everything is measured from number of calls in and out, to reservations, extras and sales progression notes, ensuring that plot sales remain on track to meet company criteria. The management team will be looking at how effective their own efforts have been to attract customers to a development and will be monitoring how the sales consultant is managing potential buyers constantly. Ensuring showhome presentation and general presentation is excellent, requires time and interest. Getting things put right quickly is of primary importance. When a Sales Consultant is employed for a particular development, it is their responsibility that everything is 100% at all times. It should be sharp and welcoming, well organised, fresh and productive. Sloppy practice is soon frowned upon and everything should be in it’s place. Customers will leave the sales office with several things in their mind, homes aside, they will remember how they were spoken to and how sharp they felt the office surrounds appeared. I have organised exit surveys in the past, it’s amazing what information is recalled. Companies also employ Mystery Shopping training consultants, who secretly video and record the performance of Sales Consultants. When used correctly in training, this is a great way of dealing with performance and improving selling skills. When used as method of punishment, it’s frowned upon and really has no benefit. Everyone has off days and as a New Homes Sales Advisor, you have to be on top of your game all the time. Most New Homes Sales Consultants will earn between £30,000 and £70,000. The average is around £45-50k. Not bad for 10am-5pm,  5 days per week, generally. Basic salaries are around half of the On Target Earnings figure. To find out more about becoming a New Homes Sales Consultant, or to discuss your career in detail, get in touch.      

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