In-trays or Inboxes can be dangerous

Who has your CV right now?ConfidentialHeadhunter Can you even remember who has your CV? I spent some time with a client recently. They explained that everyday, they receive 10-20 speculative CV’s from Uncle Tom Cobley recruitment groups. This practice of sending CV’s willy-nilly can be quite dangerous for those unsuspecting individuals, whom on most occasions, have no knowledge of their CV even being sent to a prospective employer. Recruitment seems to have missed out the discretion and confidentiality stage. Here’s the example; Hiring company say to recruiter; I’m after a Whatever the job title. Recruiter says, let me send over some CV’s to see if there is anyone you’d like to consider. Bang, Crash, Wallop – your inbox is full of meaningless CV’s, as part of the bait for the recruiter. You are the bait. Who else might see these? If the hiring company print them out or leave them in an in-tray, who knows? I spoke with a candidate about this. She said that she had been called by a friend, who works for the hiring company and had been asked about why she was considering joining their company. The candidate had no idea whatsoever that her CV was even being distributed. What ever happened to confidentiality? The world is small enough in business, through job boards, networking sites and social media. To have your CV arriving with someone that you know nothing about, is surely bad news. Her boss approached her the same week, asking if everything was ok. She reassured him, but nonetheless, bosses have a habit of reinforcing their position and this potential disappearing employee raised some concern with the boss. Before you know it, he’s called his recruiter or headhunter, asking to search to replace the employee – along the lines of – We might have a problem, can you keep a look-out for this role please? This is how things start to undermine employee relations. Who’s fault? The recruiter. Who stands to win? The recruiter. Just be careful who has your CV and make sure it isn’t being sent speculatively without your knowledge. In fact, don’t give your CV to anyone other than someone you trust completely. If the recruiter is doing their job properly, they shouldn’t need a CV until arrangements have been made for interview. Now that’s something to think about.

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