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Dodgy RecruitersThere’s nothing quite like a two-faced recruiter. Elaine Delanna Priestly, wrote about this topic and her book is available called Dirty Rotten Recruiter Tricks,  if you would like an education about recruitment companies. I still can’t quite believe that companies still instruct recruitment companies who actively target personnel from their company. I work exclusively within the Housebuilding sector and it’s a small world. My best advice is when someone disappears to another company, do some background checking and find out whether a recruiter was responsible and which one. It might just open your eyes to the unscrupulous workings of certain individuals. There are many tricks recruiters can play and I find it quite unsettling, unscrupulous, unethical and unprofessional.   I had a situation a few months ago where I introduced a candidate to a client company who asked me to search for a Director role. I thought of someone straight away and they agreed to join my client, giving notice from their existing employers. The Managing Director of the employing company spoke with another recruiter on another matter and happened to mention that I had found a suitable director. The Managing Director assumed that his conversation would be confidential and revealed the candidate to the recruiter. Within a few hours of this conversation, my candidate received a call, which they ignored, but with such persistence, the recruiter sent text messages asking to call him. Reluctantly, he responded and was offered two other opportunities with other companies. This carried on for more or less the duration of the notice period. Quite obviously, the recruiter wanted to divert my candidate to another business to allow him the chance of presenting someone else to my client and also, picking up another introduction fee in the process. So where did this go wrong? It went wrong, when confidential information was divulged in good faith by a Managing Director to a recruiter, that is still involved with this mutual client. Unbelievable ! Despite knowing the unethical methods that this other recruiter has displayed, he still has the front to continue to work with the mutual client and worse still, the client allows it. I really don’t get it. This same outfit called another candidate of mine, who had been for an interview with a mutual client. My candidate hadn’t spoken with this other recruiter for possibly a year or two, then suddenly out of the blue, gets a call from this recruiter. “Hi xxxx, how are you doing? I was speaking with x the other day and he happened to mention that you had been to see him. I didn’t realise that you were unsettled, is there something that I can help with?” Now just for a moment, consider the implications of a dodgy recruiter knowing about your confidential meeting and you can guess the next phone call. “Hello Mr/Mrs Managing Director, you haven’t heard this from me, but so and so is looking around. Would you like me to start a search to find a replacement, as you’re going to need one sooner or later? The candidate’s cover has been exposed and is no longer safe in their current role. It’s happening a lot.  My advice; Don’t trust recruiters !

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