How to end an interview with me in 60 seconds

DrawingRoomOfficeWhen I created my business in 2002, I wanted to differentiate from the majority of recruiters and headhunters who serve the housebuilding sector. This was achieved early on, just by tweaking a few things. Luckily for me, I had first-hand experience of how candidates are treated and managed by various companies. It was this great disappointment that fuelled my ambition. The journey has revealed many other reasons to be different. It hasn’t been very difficult to differentiate in many obvious and simple ways. Increasingly, I find myself frustrated with the use of the English language. One observation of people, is that we are followers. It seems that we hear something used repetitively and follow, like sheep. Some of the most frustrating and annoying phrases are sweeping the universe, I’m not entirely sure of their origin, but they must stop. Teenagers seem unable to communicate without the word “like”. She was like, he was like, it was like, like, I was like. Why is this happening? This weekend, I took the train to Victoria on a 45 minute journey. Adjacent to my seat were a group of 4 seated teenagers. They were chatting away with the usual banter and after 300 likes, I changed carriage, taking the risk of standing for the remaining 20 mins of the journey. Surely nothing could be as bad as the like word Another favourite; “So” – This seems to feature before saying something of importance or anything at all. It crops up occasionally when someone is thinking about what to say or pausing before explaining something. When ordering, I hear people say; “Can I get?” Whatever happened to; May I have? Can I get one of those? Can I get an americano? Probably the most frustrating of all, is the constant use of the phrase “D’ya know what?” Irrespective of gender, another familiar and annoying phrase; Hi Guys, or you guys, when clearly there is a male and female present. How are you guys? I blame TV and some of the illiterate presenters. Reality TV is probably one of the biggest agitators, particularly the ones with Z-list celebrities, or put bluntly, people you’ve never heard of. You’ve smashed it ! You’ve nailed it ! What on earth is happening? When I’m interviewing, my radar is on for words and phrases of this nature. Quite often I have to drive for several hours to meet a candidate on behalf of my client. Can you imagine how frustrating it can be to be faced with someone blurting out such balderdash. The idea of ending an interview within 60 seconds would be devastating, but absolutely necessary to avoid the aforementioned.

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